L M E Entry Rules and Regulations

Will you be the 1st crowned London Miss Elegance 2018? Attend our auditions to get selected as one of the London Miss Elegance 2018 competition contestants. Entry fee of £20, selected contestants must sell 3 London Miss Elegance 2018 in order to complete the production, Contestants will receive 55 points.

Entry Fee

£20 Entry fee, once selected constants will receive a confirmation message and information pack via email.

Production Tickets Sale

In order to compete in the London Miss Elegance and receive an additional 55 bonus points, all contestants MUST SELL 10 TICKETS AT £30 EACH for guests age 18+ or receive an additional 65 bonus points if sells more than 10 tickets. Constants will receive 55 points once 10 tickets have been sold.

Ticket Diva will win a cash prize of £100 and free photoshoot prints to build your PORTFOLIO if you sell more than 15 tickets

Sister Queen are selected by the contestants themselves and will receive a surprise award. Contestants will also get a chance to vote for other female fellow contestants based on their pleasant personality, fun or helpful nature and kindness shown to others during the competition process.

How to win

  • 30% fan vote
  • 30% on the day fan vote
  • 15% swimwear
  • 20% evening gown
  • 5% on talent
  • Runway model

Eligibility Criteria

Gender: female *Age: 18 -25 *No height / weight necessary

  Our goal is to help young ladies develop poise and self-confidence